Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How I went from Twittering to Fwittering

At first I could not understand all the buzz about Twitter. Do we really need to know when our friends cat coughs up a hairball? But then the buzz level reached 1999 boom levels. So I took the plunge and became a follower of techcrunch and boy was I sold!

For me techcrunch guys were these amazing mythical power yielding blogger beasts. People would do anything to get their attention and resort to cheap tricks like this article. But after following them on twitter I realized they are just like you and me, except they make more money in a month than I do in a year. Not to be creepy but I feel that there is a new spiritual connection between Arrington and me that was absent pre twitter. I love to know when men in white suits come to visit him or the fact that Arrington is done with taxes.

Realization struck that I need an easy way to keep tabs on Twitter/Arrington. My only criteria was that these tools should work in FireFox since I use FireFox 24x7. My other criteria was that at any time I should not have to move my mouse more than 6 inches. Im glad to report that I succeeded. Here is my FireFox and twitter solution or as I lovingly call it Fwittering:

The Green Arrow is a plugin called Twitbin. I can post through the address bar or the search bar through the twitterbar (red arrow) and hoopla (black arrow). So I had the North and West coasts covered and the only place left was South and East. I killed those two birds with an extension known as TwitterNotifier (blue arrow).

I did so much research on these extensions that I was compelled to blog about these Twitter tools.

Viva La Fwitter!