Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The 5 Most Important Travel Tips

This post is for all the road warriors out there that are passing their time in one airport or the other and dont have money for fancy hotels, first class seats and convertible rentals.

1) Always have three safety pins with you. They come in handy when you cant overlap the curtains in your hotel room forcing you to see a white strip of light early in the morning. Also if your client tells you that your blouse is too revealing you can pin yourself up.

2) Call your friends, acquaintances, relatives and people you barely know when you land in a new place. Offer to take everyone out to dinner. 9 times out of 10 they will insist that you come and have dinner with them. Delete the phone numbers of anyone who accepts your offer of dinner.

3) Always choose a hotel that has some nice highend resorts in the same family. This happened to me twice in five years. Just this year I was in Phoenix and arrived at my hotel around 11 pm. The hotel had a confirmed reservation in my name but they had no rooms. Apparently they had oversold. Long story short they send me to the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa because the ABRS was in the same family of hotels for the same price. Title of the story: If you have confirmed reservations and do not get a room, it is the hotels responsibility to give you an equal or better lodging option. Make sure you insist on this point or you may end up in a flea motel.

4) If you travel less than 75 miles in your car you need to have a receipt that proves you filled gas in your car. Otherwise they charge you 9 dollars even if the needle says the tank is full. I got caught at Budget last month after traveling only 10 miles in the car. Not all the rental car companies are like this but Im guessing its just a matter of time.

5) Unless you are catching a connecting flight always take a seat in the back of the plane. Sitting in the back gives you a better zone number and you can go early in the plane before all the baggage space is taken.