Sunday, April 20, 2008

Accessorize Your Wallet With Credit Card Sized Gizmos

My wallet is full of credit cards, receipts and business cards. The contents of my wallet sent me on a quest to dig up exciting things to fill up my wallet. Heres a list of stuff that I found.

  1. Credit Card Lock Pick

    For the James Bond wannabe in you! More Info.

  2. Credit Card Sized Comb

    Never have a bad hair day again! More Info.

  3. Credit Card Cutlery

    For the Germaphobes amongst us who don't like to get cutlery from public places! More Info.

  4. Credit Card Bottle Opener

    Be the hero of a party when the only bottle opener goes missing. More info.

  5. Credit Card Subway Maps

    Find your way in the NewYork subway system. More Info.

  6. Pen And Sticky Notes

    Pen and sticky notes for old fashioned note taking. More Info.

  7. Wallet Light And Magnifying Glass

    For the senior citizens and afraidy cats. More Info.

  8. Credit Card Tool Set

    The tool set includes a serrated blade, can opener, flat screwdriver, awl, compass, tweezers, toothpick, lanyard hole. More Info.

  9. Credit Card Pedometer

    Pedometer for the health conscious. More Info.

  10. Another Credit Card Tool Set

    This tool set includes a knife, wood saw blade, bottle-can opener, flat screwdriver, wrenches, ruler and lanyard hole. More Info.

  11. Credit Card USB Card

    Prove your geekiness to the world. More Info.

  12. Credit Card Collar Stiffeners

    Get control of your wayward collars. More Info.