Sunday, February 11, 2007

Can you get rid of your land line?

After convincing a couple of my friends to get rid of their landlines I thought I should share the findings with you.

If you have a cellphone and broadband you can easily get rid of your land line. For all your regular in town calls you can use your cellphone. If you do a lot of long distance calling, especially to Asia, then you will need to buy a VOIP service such as Vonage or SunRocket.

The good thing about Vonage is that once its setup even my Mom can use it. No need to worry about the PC being on or anything like that. Depending on what plan you get your savings could vary from 20 dollars a month to 4 dollars a month. Further savings can be realized if one is not afraid of the computer and can handle services like Skype and Gizmo.

But if you call a few select countries (e.g. Europe, Canada) then you can use your cellphone in conjunction with services like allfreecalls for the price of a local long distance call. With allfreecalls you can even place a call to Iran and shout at the Grand Ayatollah.

In case you dont have broadband then you need to see if you can live without calling people in Asia.

UPDATE: allfreecalls has gone out of business for the timebeing. (March 4, 2007)

UPDATE: allfreecalls is back in business as yak4ever with a few changes. (May14, 2007)