Sunday, January 28, 2007

Make Exercise on Bikes Fun Again.

Usually when people get on bikes to exercise there are two variations. The stationary bike or the normal bike with torturous seats (not that there is anything wrong with it). For the first time I give you a list of alternative bikes that will make you really exercise and not be stuck in the gym.

1) The Stair Cycle. Its like the stair machine in a gym but the action of climbing stairs actually moves the bike. Regular prices are from 575 to 995 dollars but they are running a sale right now. Check out the video.

2) The Row Bike. This bike looks like your regular rowing machine in the gym with wheels attached to it. Prices range from $675 to $1999.

3) The Champiot. The Champiot is also a row bike. The main difference is that the Champiot is a quad cycle and you sit much lower than the above mentioned row bike. Price starts at $699 to $2500.

4) The Dog Powered Scooter. Think of a Razor Scooter with a dog attached to it. This can help exercise your dog as well as you. Price starts from $540. The site has some videos here.

5) The Pumpabike for water lovers. This unfortunately named bike seems to be a lot of fun. Its a bike for lakes and rivers. You stand up on it and pump your body up and down like a kangaroo, without leaving the ground. The only downside is that you have to jump in the water when you want to disembark. It costs around 399 UK pounds.

6) The Hyperbike. This bike is still a prototype. However this bike has 8 feet wheels. You have to stand to operate this bike and it gives you a full body work out. The size of this bike seems to make it unwieldy. But Ill reserve judgement until I see the final product.